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[2019 Update]   I've resigned my professional positions and I'm now wandering, traveling, exploring. Latest: Dec '19-Feb '20, Italy. Mar-Jul, Morocco. Jul-Aug, NY. Sep '20-on, Ireland, Denmark,

[professional] Bio: Jonathan served as Chief Research Officer for the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, at the University of California, Berkeley 2017-2019. His work brought researchers together in support of data-intensive scientific research, including tools, methods, systems, and workflows.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has focused on the promotion of science, education and open culture. As a consultant for 15 years in Silicon Valley, his clients have included both nonprofit and for-profit businesses focused on these topics. In 2005 he founded and led a startup called ClearBits, providing online services to host and distribute open-licensed media. His experience covers business management, web services, software development, and biomedical and healthcare informatics systems.

Jonathan served as Director of PLOS Labs at the Public Library of Science, a 501c3 nonprofit science publisher. PLOS Labs was an internal incubator initiative focused on future products and services, and enabling more effective, faster, and more open science communication. He previously served as Director of Network Development for Cancer Commons, another nonprofit, and as Platform Evangelist at BitTorrent, Inc., a startup, and as Business Development Director at SRI International, an independent R&D firm.

Jonathan completed his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2002 in biomedical informatics, where he developed nonlinear mathematical models and simulations for protein structures. He has two grown children.